Precautions for the use of bearings

2023-09-11 14:17

Rolling bearings are precision components and their use must be carried out with corresponding care. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if they are used improperly, the expected high performance will not be obtained, and the precautions for the use of bearings are as follows.

First, keep the bearing and its surrounding environment clean

Even tiny dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the bearing, which can increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing. Bearings and their surrounding accessories should be kept clean, especially dust and dirt, and tools and their working environment must also be kept clean.

Second, use and install carefully

Strong stamping is not allowed, direct hammering of the bearing is not allowed, pressure transfer through rolling elements is not allowed.

Third, use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Use special tools as much as possible and try to avoid things like cloth and staple fibers.

Fourth, prevent bearing corrosion

When holding the bearing directly by hand, it is necessary to wash the sweat from the hand thoroughly and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation, especially in the rainy season and summer. However, under certain special operating conditions, bearings can be obtained. Longer lifetime than traditional calculations, especially at light loads. These special operating conditions are the surface damage that can occur when the rolling surface (rolling track and rolling part) is effectively separated by a lubricant film and limits the contaminants. In fact, under ideal conditions, so-called permanent bearing life is possible.